Quest - Selva, Cauchemar, & Rapida Espada

Objective : Selva Character Card, Cauchemar Stance Book, and Rapida Espada Stance Book
Prerequisite : completion of Sedecram quest-line, completion of Katovic quest-line (optional, but recommended for access to Katovic Soup)

  1. Go to City of Auch and talk to the Auch Pioneer Officer (Elanore).
  2. Collect 2 Symbols of Brave Warrior (aka Hero's Seal in sGE, not to be confused with Symbol of Ancient Brave Warrior from Errac) and return to the Auch Pioneer Officer. The Symbols are untradeable item-drops from raid bosses in Poison Yard, Secret Temple, and Battle Colosseum. (The lower tier Superfights drop lower quality Symbols which can be exchanged for the real Symbols as well.)
  3. Go to Port of Coimbra and talk to Nunez.
  4. Go to Gehenna Bridge, the last level of Prision de Jaquin, and talk to the Gatekeeper to open the entrance to Corridor of Assize. You need a Key to Corridor of Assize to do so. The key is a rare item drop from bosses in all levels of Prision de Jaquin and from Bellem Boxes.
  5. Enter the Corridor of Assize, kill the Chrysalis, and the subsequent Dr. Fran. The Corridor of Assize is a non-instanced raid, and the Chrysalis can take several hours to spawn depending on when the previous Chrysalis was killed.
  6. Return to Nunez.
  7. Go to Katovic Snowfield and talk to Ludeza. You will receive a Ghost Nucleus.
  8. Go to Frozen Plain. Drag 1 Ghost Nucleus from inventory and drop it into Rynn's Heart. The purpose is to summon a lvl110 quest version of an Avalanche Apparation. It can take several attempts before the Apparation is successfully summoned, so keep inserting the Ghost Nuclei one by one until it appears. Should you run out of Ghost Nuclei, you can exchange for more from Ludeza at the cost of 20 Wolf Meat and 10 Elviot's Leather each. Wolf Meat is a common item drop from Artic Wolves in Katovic Snowfield. Elviot's Leather is a common item drop from Elviot in Frozen Plain.
  9. Kill the Avalanche Apparation.
  10. When the Avalanche Apparition is dead, Montoro will appear near the entrance of the cave of Rynn's Heart. Kill him as well.
  11. Return to Ludeza.
  12. Go to Frozen Plain and talk to Invierno to start an instanced mission involving combat. Within the mission, defeat Selva to proceed.
  13. Talk to Invierno again.
  14. Go to the Laboratory in Dr. Torsche Mansion and talk to Dr. Torsche.
  15. Click on the bookshelf along the southern wall of the Laboratory to start an instanced mission. Inside the mission, click on the statue to get the next quest. You can leave the area once you get the quest.
  16. Go to Frozen Plain and talk to Invierno.
  17. Collect 10 Metamorphosis Stones (aka Philosopher's Stones) and 1 Katovic Soup. Metamorphosis Stone is a common item drop in the Katovic Region. Katovic Soup is a normal consumable item that can be obtained by using Invierno's cooking pot. To cook the soup, you need to complete the Katovic quest line to gain access to Invierno's cooking pot, as well as to collect another 20 Golden Apples (from Eltetah trees in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Plain), 50 Wolf Meat (from Wolves in Katovic Snowfield), 50 Beet (from Gorillas in Frozen Plain), and 50 Cabbages (from Lazim Lams in Katovic Snowfield). (Katovic Soup is/was also available from Adelina's Booty Search in sGE.)
  18. Talk to Invierno again.
  19. Return to Dr. Torsche's Mansion and reenter the instanced mission with the statue. Click on the statue again to start an easy combat.
  20. Talk to Dr. Torsche to receive Selva Character Card, Cauchemar Stance Book, Rapida Espada Stance Book, and Recipe - Selva's Armshield.
  21. Return to the Auch Pioneer Officer to complete the quest.



See also That Iguana's Selva Compendium (external link) for an in-depth and illustrated guide.