Quest - Garcia

Objective : Garcia Hingis Character Card
Prerequisite : completion of Bahamar quest-line, completion of Katovic quest-line (optional, but recommended for access to Katovic Soup and Ice Wizard Tower)

  1. Go to City of Auch and talk to the Auch Pioneer Officer (Elanore) to start an instanced mission. Within the mission, destroy the colonies to proceed.
  2. Talk to the Auch Pioneer Officer again.
  3. Enter Villa de Libertad and talk to Simon.

  1. Go to F2 of Ferrucio Wall and walk over the trigger spot to start an instanced mission. Within the mission, kill the Snowstorm Apparation and talk to the NPCs.
  2. Go to Frozen Plain and talk to Invierno to receive 10 Ghost Nuclei. (They are in the Misc section of your normal item inventory. They are precious, do not lose them.)
  3. Collect 50 Metamorphosis Stones (Philosopher's Stones), 50 Ice Crystals, and 10 Cursed Crystals. The Metamorphosis Stone and the Ice Crystal are common item drops in the Katovic region. The Cursed Crystal is a quest item. To receive the Cursed Crystal, drag 1 Ghost Nucleus from your inventory and drop it into any one of the Rynn's Hearts in the cave nearby to summon a special Snowstorm Apparition. Kill the apparition to receive 1 Cursed Crystal. Repeat the process to receive the rest of the 10 Cursed Crystals. This can be done in squad. DO NOT insert more than 1 Ghost Nucleus at a time.
  4. Talk to Invierno to start an instanced mission. Within mission, defeat Montoro and the rest of the mobs and talk to the NPCs after that.
  5. Talk to Invierno to receive the Necklace of Sage. This is temporary necklace that grants the wearer 3 AR and 3 DR bonus. It last 3 days once activated. (It is not a must to use this item for the quest, so use it only if necessary.)
  6. Go into the Ice Wizard Tower and walk a few steps in to start an instanced mission involving combat. Within the mission, move a few steps forward to receive a special buff that grants 5 AR and 5 DR bonus, and proceed to defeat Novia and company. Novia is lvl130 with 67 AR/DR in this mission. She is weak to Lightning, but can be defeated by any character combination with the right strategy. There is quite a bit of drama after her hitpoints are reduced to 50%, and the mission will fail if time runs out of time before the NPCs finish talking, so try to finish the quest with as much time left as possible.
  7. Return to Invierno.
  8. Collect 10 Metamorphosis Stones (aka Philosopher's Stones) and 1 Katovic Soup. Metamorphosis Stone is a common item drop in the Katovic Region. Katovic Soup is a normal consumable item that can be obtained by using Invierno's cooking pot. To cook the soup, you need to complete the Katovic quest line to gain access to Invierno's cooking pot, as well as to collect another 20 Golden Apples (from Eltetah trees in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Plain), 50 Wolf Meat (from Wolves in Katovic Snowfield), 50 Beet (from Gorillas in Frozen Plain), and 50 Cabbages (from Lazim Lams in Katovic Snowfield). (Katovic Soup is/was also available from Adelina's Booty Search in sGE.)
  9. Talk to Invierno.
  10. Return to Simon to receive Garcia Character Card.



See also That Iguana's Recruiting Garcia Hingis (external link) for an in-depth and illustrated guide.