Quest - Holy Water Chamber

Objective : completion of Holy Water Chamber quest-line
Prerequisite : completed Hellena's quest (outcome does not matter), Emilia/Emilia the Sage (any level)

  1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. With Emilia as team leader, go to Errac (Zeia) and talk to Ania.
  3. Talk to Queen Hamaan.
  4. Talk to Queen Hamaan again and hand over lvl100 Enchantment Chips x3.
  5. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Andre.
  6. Go to B8/9 of Al Quetz Moreza, Narthex and click on the Holy Water Fountain to start an instanced mission. (This is a suicide mission.)
  7. Return to Andre.
  8. Go to City of Auch and talk to Vicente Rio.
  9. Talk to Lorch.
  10. Talk to Lorch again and hand over
    • Pure Aidanium x1000,
    • Pure Quartz x1000,
    • Pure Ionium x1000, and
    • Pure Talt x1000
    to receive Furuholmen Shield Potion.
  11. Return to Narthex and click on the Holy Water Fountain to start the instanced mission again. Within the mission:-
    1. Move to the next room to confront Ortega.
    2. Consume the Furuholmen Shield Potion to remove the AR debuff.
    3. Defeat Ortega. Ortega has the following stats:-
      Ortega (lvl125)
      human / heavy / none / large
      hp: 1,614,006
      AR / ATK: 64 / 3081
      DR / DEF: 64 / 201
      RES: 75 all
    4. Talk to Ortega to remove the rotating blades.
    5. Move to the next room to confront and defeat Jurgen Furuholmen (aka Yufuegen Furuholmen). Jurgen has the following stats:-
      Jurgen Furuholmen (lvl130)
      daemon / heavy / none / large
      hp: 2,395,680
      AR / ATK: 67 / 3489
      DR / DEF: 67 / 206
      RES: 75 all
    6. Listen to Montoro's speech and return to Ortega to complete the mission.
  12. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Andre.

This marks the end of the Holy Water Chamber quest. Completion is required for the Holy Water Chamber raid mission in v4.0, Prelude stance quest in v4.2, and Catherine Torsche recruitment quest in v4.5.



This mission is referred to as 'Holy Creature's Room' on this site previously. That name, which likely is a misnomer, is taken from the in-game English label of the quest area. I have decided to change it to 'Holy Water Chamber'. The new name is a more accurate title based on the original Korean name as well as the context of the story arc, and it actually is part of the English text used in the label of the Key item to the raid too. It also sounds less funny.