Silver Server - 4.0

July 7, 2009
1230 ~ 1310

[Granado Espada 4.0]

1. Updated Tutorial.
- players new to Granado Espada can complete the tutorial to receive various items including beginner's pet, beginner's buff, and beginner's costumes to aid their game progression.

2. Added new pet.
- new pet 'Coco' can be acquired as part of the tutorial.

3. Updated Minimap feature.
- removed all NPC names from the minimap.
- added icons reflecting the function of the NPCs to the minimap.
- added list of NPCs to the right of the minimap. You can move towards an NPC automatically by selecting the NPC from the list and clicking on the 'Go' button.

4. Added Mail Box feature.
- messages can be sent via the Mail Box NPC located in all cities after paying some fees.
- items can be sent at the cost of additional fees.
- a maximum of 100 mails can be sent to a family.

5. Added Team Selection feature.
- added new 'Team Selection' (Alt+T) button to the bottom right of the barracks screen. You can save up to 5 of your favourite teams.
- removed 'End Game' button from the barracks screen.

6. Added Scharfenberger mission and Rafflesia mission.
- missions can be performed once per day per family.
- Scharfenberger mission can be activated from the tombstone located in front of the sarcophagus. Rafflesia mission can be activated from Ustiur Jungle.
- required items can be crafted by Federigo NPC in Auch.
- modified the loot compensation for some open-world raids and Gate of Hell raid.

7. Added 'Resource Saving Option'.
- from 'Game Options' (Alt+O), you can adjust the amount of CPU activity the game performs when it is not the active window

8. Added tabs to the 'Game Options' (Alt+O) screen.
- separated into 'Gameplay Options', 'Graphics Options', and 'Sound Options'.

9. Added 'Copy Family Name' function to the right-click menu for the Chat Window.

10. Fixed an oddity with the female Auch Infantry's skirt mesh while in barracks mode.

11. Fixed an issue with item stack numbers remaining the same after a purchase in the Market Manager.

12. Fixed various typos.



Not mentioned in the patch notes, but all major facilities found in Auch are now available in Reboldoeux as well. These include socket, chip exchange, enchant, and anvil.

Scharfenberger a.k.a. Vergo and Rafflesia a.k.a Queen Eater in sGE.