Silver Server - 4.0.3

July 14, 2009
0400 ~ 0420

[Granado Espada 4.0.3]

1. Added 'Al Queltz Moreza - Holy Water Chamber' quest.
- Quest will automatically trigger in town after completion of Hellena's quest regardless of her status (dead or alive).

2. Removed 'Mail Box' feature.

3. Removed 'Copy Family Name' feature from the Chat Window right-click menu.

4. Removed 'Team List' feature.

5. Fixed an issue with Spinelles disappearing after repeated summons.

6. Fixed an issue where the Pioneer Support Soldier in the tutorial uses the Abrasive Exchange dialog.

7. Fixed an issue where Keys are sometimes not consumed after creating the lobby for raid missions.

8. Fixed an issue with the Reward Chest appearing for Rafflesia raid mission.

9. Added minimap icons for some NPCs in Port of Coimbra.

10. Fixed an issue with the minimap coordinates of Torso de Gigante.

11. Fixed various typos.



1. The Holy Water Chamber quest line is the continuation of Emilia's story arc after the events in v3.4 Chateau de Borgogne. Completion of Hellena's quest is required, but it doesn't matter if she's dead or alive at the end of the events. The story will continue with or without Hellena.

2 ~ 4. Some major features removed. No explanation.