Silver Server - 4.0.13

August 6, 2009
1710 ~ 1730

[Granado Espada 4.0.13]

1. Changed the fees for Mailbox system.

Family LevelFee (Vis)Fee per Level (Vis)
Lv 1~1010~10010
Lv 11~201100~2000100
Lv 21~302200~4000200
Lv 31~404500~9000500
Lv 41~5011000~200001000
Lv 51~6025000~700005000

- if items are attached, 10,000 Feso must be paid regardless of family level.

2. Added Family Level experience bar.
- the Family Level experience bar can be viewed in Barracks Mode and in Family Profile (Alt+R).
- the Family Level experience bar is updated upon returning to Barracks.

3. Improved Family Profile editing feature.
- click on the empty area in the Family Profile to switch to edit mode automatically.
- Enter key can now be used in the profile.
- foul words cannot be used.

4. Added Dunkin Donuts partnership event.
- 9 types of Vitamins and Calcium will drop during the event period.
- collect 1 of each of the 9 types of Vitamins and 5 of the Calcium and talk to the 'Dunkin Donut Event Assitant' in Reboldoeux, Coimbra, or Auch to exchange for 2 donuts.
- the donut buffs do not stack with each other.
- with the exception of the Increase Experience Gain buff and Increase Item Drop buff, the other 6 buffs are maintained even after zoning.

5. Removed Cybercafe event.
- Reinforce Event Swords will no longer drop.
- all Reinforce Event Swords will be removed after maintainance on the 11th.

6. Added Lava Leaf raid mission.
- mission is available once every three days per family.
- the wait interval is reset on the 1st of every month.
- the necessary keys and items can be produced by the NPC Federigo in the City of Auch.
- some changes were made to the loot compensation of the original field raid.

7. Changed the progression of the Whirlpool of Flame and Lava Leaf mission in several ways.

8. Added option to hide family access/join messages.
- changes will be applied after checking the option in Game Options (Alt+O) and zoning.

9. Changed the Enchantment Chip Exchanger Machine to accept lvl100 Enchantment Chip.
- lvl100 Enchantment Chips can be used, lvl100 items cannot be used.

10. Updated the Feso Shop to sell Rare NPC cards for a limited time.
- Idge the Battlesmith, Panfilo the Battlecook, Emilia the Sage, and Soho the Wind cards are available.

11. Modified Squad Info window (Alt+D) to show number of members.

12. Changed El Antigua de Patrimonio raid time to 2100h~2130h.

13. Changed La Tierra del Amor colony war time to 2200h~2300h only.

14. Changed some of the Tips shown on the top of the game screen.

15. Fixed an issue with Brilliant Leadership buff not being applied.

16. Fixed various typos.