Silver Server - 4.0.15

August 10, 2009
1830 ~ 1850

[Granado Espada 4.0.15]

1. Changed some properties of Jormongand's Belt.
- enchantment with lvl100 Enchantment Chip now possible.
- fixed options include DEF +5, CON +10, and Immunty +5, enchantable options include mHP +2500~3000, DEF +6~10.

2. Changed the fees of attaching items when using the Mailbox Service to 1,000 Feso.

3. Corrected an error where no message is displayed when using the Mailbox Service with insufficient funds.

4. Fixed an issue where after the character information panel is minimized, talking to the Movement Support Soldier will cause the original character information panel to be superimposed on screen.

5. Reduced selling price of Lowest Grade Pioneer equipments to 1 vis.

6. Changed Novia's 'Frozen Shield' buff to be removable with Dispel and Whole Cancellation.

7. Fixed an issue where the Family Level Experience Bar was not visible when using custom UI skin.

8. Fixed an error where Gerero did not respawn in the El Antigua de Patrimonio raid.