Silver Server - 4.0.24

August 27, 2009
1725 ~ 1745

[Granado Espada 4.0.24]

1. Ended 'Dunkin Donut' partnership event.
- vitamins and calcium will no longer drop.

2. Fixed an intermittent issue that caused the client to shut down when using the Mailbox Service.

3. Fixed an issue that displayed the wrong message for exceeding character limit of the Mailbox Service.

4. Fixed an issue where unused Cinderella equipments could not be enhanced.

5. Fixed an intermittent issue that terminated Reckless Emilia recruitment quest mission after the appearance of the Mission Accomplished message.

6. Changed mission time to stop during conversation scenes in Reckless Emilia recruitment quest mission.

7. Fixed an issue where the effects 'Check Target' was not applied to monsters properly.