Silver Server - 4.0.35

September 28, 2009
2045 ~ 2105

[Granado Espada 4.0.35]

1. Removed Chateau de Borgogne admission requirement.
- the [Chateau de Borgogne] Key item no longer drops.
- the [Chateau de Borgogne] Key item acquired from Reboldoeux Culverts can be sold to the shops in all towns for 250,000 vis.

2. Changed armours to not allow more than 2 sockets.

3. Applied the following changes to [Enhanced Tactics] skills.

Skill NameOriginalChanged
PrincipalSP 850
consumes Ancient Star Orb x15
SP 1050
consumes Ancient Star Orb x20
Melee Enhancement10s cooldown
SP 750
consumes Ancient Star Orb x10
6s cooldown
SP 950
consumes Ancient Star Orb x15
Magic Enhancement
Shooting Enhancement
Escape Artist7s cooldown5s cooldown

lvl1~3 removes [Sandman's Curse]

lvl4~5 removes [Sandman's Curse], [Shackle]

lvl6~7 removes [Sandman's Curse], [Shackle], [Blood Curse]

lvl8~9 removes [Sandman's Curse], [Shackle], [Blood Curse], [Cover of Darkness]

lvl10~ removes [Sandman's Curse], [Shackle], [Blood Curse], [Cover of Darkness], [Whole Cancellation]

4. Changed [Master's Martial Arts] stance's 'Elemental Kick' skill to include airborne targets.

5. Fixed an issue that allowed the character Rio's [Serenade] stance to be learned without level limit.

6. Fixed various typos.



3. Deep Sleep -> [Sandman's Curse], Improved Disease -> [Shackle], Blood Curse -> [Blood Curse], Gloomy Present -> [Cover of Darkness], Whole Cancellation -> [Whole Cancellation].