Silver Server - 4.2.4

November 11, 2009
2015 ~ 2035

[Granado Espada 4.2.4]

1. Ended 2nd Material Supply Event.
- quest mail and Strage Sphere item will be deleted.

2. Improved Elite Trump Armour.
- added HP +1500, SP +150 options.

3. Corrected tooltips of the 5-element buff items.

4. Changed the [Bloom Effect] option to be automatically unchecked the first time the game is run after installation.

5. Fixed an issue that resulted in logging out upon returning to barracks when using OTP.

6. Fixed an issue with OTP Authentication button being disabled when pressing the [Back] button while OTP is in use.

7. Changed the OTP Authentication login window to work with the Enter key.

8. Changed the banner in the Quest Log window.



4. AKA "Gradation" in sGE.

5 ~ 7. OTP = One Time Password. It's an additional security feature for Hanbiton account holders. It's not an actual part of the game, so it's pretty much irrelevant for players from other servers.