Silver Server - 4.3.11

December 18, 2009
1830 ~ 1850

[Granado Espada 4.3.11]

1. Changed Soul Crystal to be useable even when in item-disabled debuff state.

2. Changed Christmas Wrapper NPC to check for availability of inventory space before duel.

3. Changed Intensified Heavy Shell, Siege Shell price to 1 vis when selling to stores.

4. Fixed an issue with war declaration not processing for normal factions when declaring war via Menu - Faction - Declare War menu.

5. Fixed an issue with monsters not attacking monsters from opposing team in Team Arena mission.

6. Fixed an issue with Bribantra not spawning in the central regions of Interna de Gigante.

7. Fixed an issue with Snowman monster not respawning in some regions.

8. Fixed an issue with [Magic of Occultism] stance's Electric Blaster skill outputting low damage.

9. Removed the area-of-effect circle from Ice Wizard Tower's Valkryie monster's Refriger Wave skill.

10. Fixed Pet Food item's tooltip.

11. Fixed various typos.