Silver Server - 4.6.11

March 15, 2010
1810 ~ 1850

[Granado Espada 4.6.11]

1. Fixed an issue causing abnormal status when deleting a note from Faction Notepad.

2. Fixed an issue with notes being deleted from Faction Notepad after server goes down.

3. Fixed an issue with /개척당 command popping up a blank screen when used.

4. Changed System Notice to not update when a random medal disappears after the list of Victory Medal goes above 10.

5. Fixed an issue with the pop-up menu that appears after right-clicking on a family name in the Server Board (Ctrl+S).

6. Fixed an issue with the Bot Report entry from the pop-up menu that appears after right-clicking on other families displaying tooltip for Secret Guard on mouse-over.

7. Fixed an issue with Colony War being conducted twice a day.
- war takes place every evening from 8~9 during test period.

8. Fixed various typos.



The following changes were applied on March 16 scheduled weekly maintainance without increment to version count.

March 16, 2010
0800 ~ 0900

1. Deleted Golden Well from Theuringen Lakeside area..

2. Ceased sale of Bellem Box item from the Toolshop in all towns.