Silver Server - 4.6.3

March 4, 2010
1345 ~ 1405

[Granado Espada 4.6.3]

1. Added Enhanced Progressive Fillers.
- Enhanced Progressive Health Fillers and Soul Fillers can be purchased from the Toolshop of all towns.
- not available in Los Toldos's Toolshop.

2. Added View Medal Decorations option.
- the View Medal Decorations option is accessible from the Game Options (Alt+O) window.
- position of list of options in Game Options (Alt+O) has been adjustied.

3. Added new BGM to the Castilla region.

4. Added Keyboard Help to Toolbar (Alt+U).

5. Modified Castilla Mines mission.
- deleted Camera Director feature from all bosses except for Dekaravia of Chaos.
- reduced the incubation time of the egg in the hunt for Argus of Chaos to 20 seconds.

6. Fixed an issue with Victory Medals that happens when the list of opposing families is 10 or greater, a random entry from the list will be deleted.
- all existing Victory Medals have been deleted.

7. Changed the names of some NPCs in the Castilla region.

8. Fixed an intermittent issue with equipment not appearing on screen after zoning when Victory Medals are in use.

9. Fixed an issue with part of the Castilla quest being marked as completed even though the specific quest items requested by the NPC Cruz have not been purchased.

10. Fixed the female Wizard's unnatural facial expressions shown in some poses.

11. Fixed an issue with Secret Guard Lobby displaying the outdated shortcut.

12. Fixed various typos.