Silver Server - 4.6.8

March 11, 2010
1905 ~ 1935

[Granado Espada 4.6.8]

1. Added Castilla Ruins area.
- warp and friend summon not possible; teleport scroll cannot be used.
- Castilla Ruins area accessible after clearing Castilla Mines mission.
- the waypoint in Castilla 1st Garrison can be used after completion of all quests from Castilla Episode 1.

2. Added Castilla Treasure Hunt.
- the treasure chest that appears in Castilla Ruins at certain times can be found using the Detection skill.

3. Added Ancient Magic Merchant.
- appears at random times in Castilla Ruins.
- NPC will have a certain quantity available for sale which can be purchased by clicking on the NPC.

4. Changed font colour and size of medal decorations.

5. Added Leonardo Expresso NPC to Castilla 1st Garrison.

6. Changed Katovic Snow Production items and Kobold/Werebear/Dullahan items.
- Kobold/Werebear/Dullahan items changed to allow enchantment; amount of runes required for production reduced to 10 each.
- Snow Production weapons' AR changed to 28, armours' DR changed to 27; equipment level changed to 84.

7. Added Storage Permission item.
- removed Premium Treasure Box item's storage slot extension function.
- Storage Permission - 700 (30 days) item will be compensated accordingly based on number of Premium Treasure Box item in possession.

8. Added several Squad functionalities.
- family without squad can right-click on a family with squad to request for squad.
- squad will be created automatically if squad does not exist when Squad Request is performed.
- when a family with squad receives a squad invitation from another squad, clicking Accept on the pop-up window will cause the family to withdraw from current squad and join the new squad automatically.

9. Added Faction Notepad feature.
- a simple message can be recorded by accessing Notepad from the Faction List (Alt+Y).

10. Added Penetration numerical entry to the Character Details window.

11. Fixed an issue with the portal to El Antigua de Patrimonio not disappearing after it opens during server maintainance.

12. Fixed an issue with Castilla 1st Garrison's Castilla Mines mission's number of entries not reinitializing if mission is attempted at 0 hours.

13. Fixed an issue with client disconnecting while loading World Map if client is runnning at resolution greater than the size of the World Map.

14. Changed loading screens.

15. Fixed various typos.



3. No idea what it sells. >_<

7. The product has been split into two: Premium Treasure for daily goodies and Storage Permission for extension of Leonardo's warehouse.

9. Pretty much a faction message board.