Silver Server - 4.6.9

March 12, 2010
2120 ~ 2150

[Granado Espada 4.6.9]

1. Updateded Colony War system.
- maps with colony have been reduced from original 23 to current 17. Following is the list maps with deleted colony:-

  • Rio Aibi
  • Ustiur Zona Uno
  • Old Port of Coimbra
  • Rion Prairie
  • Porto Bello, Deserted Quay
  • Ferrucio Junction
- 17 areas divided into Type A and Type B. Type A and Type B maps have different layouts.

Type AType B
Bahamar, Swamp of PerilTopolo Durga
Katovic SnowfieldUstiur Zona Duo
Via FluvialEl Lago de Tres Harmanas
AbertalEl Canon de Diabolica
Scorching PlateauBonavista Tributary
King's GardenPradera de Ceniza
Lago CelesteEl Tejado Verde
 Porto Bello, Desolated Cliff
 Jezebel Glen
 Tetra Hill


- in the Colony War zone are 1 Center Spot and 2 Satellite Spots; a faction in possession of the Center Spot or the two Satellite Spots will occupy the area.
- removed colony attack notice.
- the occupying faction (defense side) and non-occupying faction (offense side) will be moved to different locations inside the Colony War zone.
- apart from faction and squad members, all others are marked as hostile inside the Colony War zones.
- squad invitation and request is not possible inside the Colony War zones.
- Colony War lasts for 5 weeks; after 5 weeks, occupation history is reinitialized.
※ for the Test Server, testing of Colony War will be carried out daily between 2000h ~ 2100h. Today's (3/12) test will be from 2200h ~ 2300h.

2. Added Colony Chain system.
- chains created from occupied areas can be checked from the Faction Information (Alt+T) window.
- chains with maximum 5 links can be created.
- from all colonies owned by the opposing party, colonies owned by the faction with the most colonies are most likely to be assigned as targets.
- on the 1st Week, 5 random colonies will be assigned to each faction as occupation targets 1 minute before the start of Colony War.
- if an assigned target is successfully occupied, a Colony Chain will be created and the target for the next link will be assigned 1 minute before the start of Colony War on the following week.
- if an assigned target in a chain is not occupied, the chain disappears.
- if an unassigned target is occupied, a new chain will be created if there is space.
(e.g. on 2nd-Week, the 3rd and 4th Chains are empty, and a non-assigned target of Lago Celeste is occupied, Lago Celeste will be registered to the 3rd-Chain automatically.)
- the same area can be assigned as occupation target up to a maximum of 3 times across 5 chains.
(e.g. a pattern of 1st-Week 1st-Chain Katovic Snowfield, 2nd-Week 4th-Chain Katovic Snowfield, 5th-Week 3rd-Chain Katovic Snowfield may be specified.)
- the same area does not get repeated assignment within a chain.

3. Center Spot's Blessing buff changed to DR +1, mHP +3000.
- added Satellite Spot's Blessing buff with mHP +2000 effects.

4. Removed Colony Buff and Colony Monster Summon.

5. Applied changes and additions to the penalties incurred when changing party affiliation and faction leader.
- after withdrawing affiliation, faction cannot choose affiliation for 2 weeks.
- changing faction leader limited to once per week.

6. Changed Faction annotation on the World Map.
- by placing the mouse cursor over an occupied area on the World Map, the name, party affiliation, and emblem of the occupying faction will be displayed.

7. Added Hostile Faction Tolerance.
- Tolerance level with hostile factions is recorded the Faction Information (Alt+T) window.
- accumulated points can be checked by mouse-overing the gauge bar.
- accumulated points will be used in the future.

8. Ceased sale of Premium Treasure Box.

9. Added Storage Permission item to the Feso Shop.

10. Changed the System Notice to update when Victory Medals are gained or lost.

11. Changed the levels and abilities of monsters that appear in Castilla Ruins.

12. Removed scroll bar from Faction List - Notepad.

13. Fixed an issue preventing quest completion when continuing with quest from the NPC Cruz in Castilla 1st Garrison.

14. Fixed an issue with Castilla Ruins Explorer medal not being awarded upon entry to Castilla Ruins.

15. Fixed an issue with the Ancient Transport Portal in Castilla Ruins being marked as "None" on the minimap.

16. Fixed an issue causing the client to terminate when the Enter key is used after selecting an entry from the list of Victory Medals.

17. Fixed an issue with /개척당 command causing the client to terminate when used.

18. Changed the buttons in the Faction Member List UI to remain functional when in the Faction Member List's Notepad tab.

19. Fixed an issue with the Quest Window not highlighting the relevant Quest-mail when new Quest-mails are opened.

20. Fixed unusual graphic issues with some maps.

21. Fixed various typos.