Silver Server - 5.0.2

June 15, 2010
1735 ~ 1755

[Granado Espada 5.0.2]

1. Fixed the levels of monsters inside Nunez's Nimrod Bridge Defense Operation mission.

2. Fixed an issue with repeated receipt of Baby Pet Box (Ggoggo) item from Lyndon's quest.

3. Fixed an issue with critical damage image appearing twice when attacking.

4. Added in-town movement feature to the Main Menu's Map tab.
- usable in the maps of Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and Auch.

5. Fixed an issue with equipment merchants not selling rapier Settler's items.

6. Added main-gauche Settler's items to the equipment merchants.

7. Moved return scrolls items from the Cash Items inventory to normal items inventory.

8. Fixed the location of the Squad UI.

9. Changed the equip level of Veteran and Expert stance and skill rings to level 100, level of stance and skill rings under level 100 to level 1.
(However, the type of Enchantment Chips required remains unchanged.)

10. Fixed an issue with Block Family feature malfunctioning.

11. Removed the Escudo Pescher monster from the Porto Bello Deck area.

12. Changed Bounty Hunter mechant to provide exchange of Impaired Ancient Abrasives.

13. Changed monsters to drop +8 normal weapons and +7 unique weapons.

14. Fixed an issue with the levels of some stance and skill rings.

15. Fixed an issue with some Beginner's items registered on the quick slot being removed after zoning.

16. Fixed an issue with quest icons in the World and Zone maps overlapping with occupying faction and shop icons.

17. Fixed an issue with the experience penalty being applied when killing monsters above level 100.

18. Fixed an issue with Battle commands window disappearing when zoning or moving to barracks.

19. Removed all but one of all Save Location NPCs from Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and Auch.

20. Fixed an issue with the stats options from expert earrings enchant options not being applied.

21. Fixed an issue with the wrong stances being shown after using the Character Compendium.

22. Fixed an issue where attacking other families was not possible inside Superfights and Land of Dead.

23. Fixed an issue with some buff icon images not appearing.

24. Fixed some typographical errors.