Silver Server - 5.0.21

August 2, 2010
1840 ~ 1900

[Granado Espada 5.0.21]

1. Modified Soul Crystal to not have invincibility time when used.

2. Modified El Ruina de Memoria to not drop Shiny Crystals.

3. Modified Demonic Dungeon missions' entry level limit in the Raid Compendium.

4. Modified Selva's Armshield to prevent sockets creation when crafted.

5. Added Item Link and Area Link features.

  1. Item Link
    - upon Alt+Click on an item in the Item Window, an Item Link will appear in the Chat Window.
    Item Link feature only available to items in current inventory window.
  2. Area Link
    - upon Alt+Click on the minimap, location in area will appear in the Chat Window.
Components appearing as Item and Area Links cannot be copy-and-pasted.

6. Modified blocked families' Microphone messages to be invisible.

7. Fixed an issue in Ancient Ruins with central gate spawning when the boss monsters in the middle are only partially handled.

8. Fixed an issue with Squad Invitation from Faction Window and Friend's List Window being impossible without first creating squad.

9. Fixed an issue with Squad Invitation being possible while in Baron state.

10. Fixed an issue preventing Family Summon in some specific conditions.

11. Fixed an issue with Family Information being inaccessible when right-clicking on Shouts in the Chat Window System tab.

12. Changed the number of viewable pages in the Server Board to 500.

13. Fixed various typographical errors.



5. These create links in the chat window that other families can click on to view item stats or targetted locations from a separate pop-up window. An example can be seen here.