Silver Server - 5.0.33

September 3, 2010
2000 ~ 2020

[Granado Espada 5.0.33]

1. Ended Goodbye Summer event.

2. Applied the following changes to World Cross PVP. Changes not applicable in general fields.
- changed the success probabilities to same as normal and reduced debuff durations of [Darkness] stance's skills.
- changed scores obtained from Team Matches; 10% bonus points are awarded when using [Invite Friend] function.
- fixed an issue with normal attacks being unblockable.
- fixed an issue with System Message being updated when using the [Provoke] skill.
- fixed an issue with Ania's [Counterstrike] buff not applying.
- fixed an issue with [Invulnerable] skill's [Invulnerable] buff not applying.

3. Added Demonic Occulta mission.
- characters of level 123~130 can be admitted.
- 5 Platinum Bars or 1000 Family Reputation or 150 Shiny Crystals are consumed upon entry.
- Demonic Occulta kill-count missions can be received from the Jack Space NPC.

4. Added Weapon Costumes.
- added Weapon Costume Slot to the Character Information Window.
- for the Test Server, several weapon costumes are distributed for testing purposes.

5. Added button to raise skill to maximum level at once in the Stance Information Window (Alt+S).

6. Modified [Memorise] buff such that it dissipates upon usage of skills unconditionally.

7. Added information on Battle Colosseum to the Raid Compendium.

8. Fixed an issue with Custom Wings being recyclable.

9. Fixed the popup menu that appears after right-clicking on a summoned pet such that the menu closes after selecting Release Summon.

10. Fixed various typographical errors.



4. This works like body costume, except it changes the appearance of the weapon instead. Costumes of three new weapons - Inexorability of Ventuamos (sabre), Repress of Spirica (staff), Intuition of Terhea (javelin) - were given out for testing purposes. They can be viewed here.