Combination Buffs

Combination Buffs are bonus special effects granted to an active MCC team when the specific characters are played together. The effects are automatically activated when all three characters are alive. The effects dissipate when any one of the characters dies, but will reactivate again when the dead character is revived.



Crossing Fates (Destiny's Chains)

Team: Eduardo Hingis (Edward Jameson), Garcia Hingis (Gavin Jameson), Selva
Effect: ATK +5%, aspd +10%, DEF +20



Gigantic Blaster

Team: Grace Bernelli, Lorch Furuholmen, Scout
Effect: AR +1, aspd +15%, accuracy +30, critical +16%




Team: Grace Bernelli, Lorch Furuholmen, Najib Sharif
Effect: accuracy +10, aspd +5%, penetration +5



Junior Club

Team: Clair, Ramiro, Tiburon
Effect: HP +2000, DR +1



Knights of Rescue

Team: Grandma (Grandice), Rescue Knight, Romina
Effect: mspd +10%, mental RES +10



Marine Heroes

Team: Adelina Esparanza, Alejandro, Soho
Effect: AR +1, DR -1, ATK +15%, aspd +5%, DEF -10



Muscle Club

Team: Gracielo, Gertrude Peterson (Jean-Pierre Gascon), Soho
Effect: HP +1000, DEF +5, DR +1



Reboldoeux Vigilante

Team: Andre Janzur, Brunie Etienne, Panfilo de Narvaez
Effect: AR +2, DR +2, HP +3000, DEF +10



Soldier's Spirit

Team: Auch Infantry, Coimbra Trooper, Reboldoeux Soldier
Effect: AR +1, DR +1



Crossing Fates, Gunsmith, Junior Club, Knights of Rescue, Muscle Club, and Soldier's Spirit are available from v3.1 onwards.

Gigantic Blaster, Marine Heroes, and Reboldoeux Vigilante are available from v3.5 onwards.