Quest - Gracielo & Book of Wind

The quest for Gracielo and Book of Wind has one of the better storylines throughout the entire game, so enjoy it. This used to be challenging, but it is now rather easy with the introduction of Abrasives and Settler's Equipments. Gracielo can be defeated as early as lvl20 with lvl20 Settler's Equipments, and the entire Book of Wind quest can be completed with a set of clean lvl40 Settler's Knuckles and Settler's Leather Armour.



Objective : Gracielo Character Card
Prerequisite : none

  1. Get the following items ready:
    • Ferrucio Bread and Ferrucio Milk (available from the Girl at Reboldoeux Queen's Gate), and
    • Chocolate (available from Lisa at Port of Coimbra).
  2. Talk to Gracielo several times to give him the bread, the milk, and the chocolate to start his recruitment quest.
  3. Talk to Camille to start an instanced mission involving combat with Gracielo. Defeat the lvl40 Gracielo to proceed.
  4. Talk to Camille.
  5. Talk to Gracielo to receive Gracielo Character Card.



Objective : Book of Wind Stance Book
Prerequisite : Gracielo (any level)

This is a continuation of the previous quest-line. Only Gracielo can participate in the missions, and all other characters will be disabled during the missions.

  1. With Gracielo as leader, move to the viewing platform (aka highest point) of Port of Coimbra as indicated by the Event Trigger in the map above. Within the misison, defeat the three bandits.
  2. Talk to Camille.
  3. Go to H7 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Menendez. Defeat the 100 lvl37 soldiers within the time limit and smash the stone tablet at the end. Talk to the Combat Officer again after the mission.
  4. Go to C9 of Port of Coimbra and talk to the Deputy Fight Instructor. Defeat everyone to proceed.
  5. Talk to Camille. Within the mission, destroy all crates and barrels. Talk to Camille again after the mission.
  6. Move to the viewing platform at F7 again. Defeat everyone.
  7. Talk to the Deputy Fight Instructor. Within the mission, check Epolite's grave and talk to Fritz.
  8. Go to G6 of Porto Bello, Deserted Quay and click on the door of the hut to talk to Fritz.
  9. Click on the scarecrow beside the hut. Within the mission, kill the tortoises until they disappear. The Stone will appear near the hut. Hit it to end the mission.
  10. Click on the scarecrow again. Within the mission, kill the wolves until they disappear.
  11. Click on the scarecrow again. Within the mission, hit the Stone.
  12. Click on the scarecrow again for the last time. Within the mission, kill the bear, smash the Stone, and talk to Fritz.
  13. Go to Port of Coimbra and talk to Las Casas. Defeat Las Casas and talk to him again after the mission.
  14. Go to H8 of Reboldoeux Stone Pit and talk to Tornado Reen. Defeat Tornado Reen and talk to her again after the mission.
  15. Go to F6 of Ferrucio Junction and talk to Selden. Defeat Selden and talk to him again after the mission.
  16. Return to the hut in Deserted Quay and click on the door to receive Book of Wind Stance Book.