Silver Server - 4.0.4

July 17, 2009
1740 ~ 1800

[Granado Espada 4.0.4]

1. Added 'Al Queltz Moreza - Holy Water Chamber' raid mission.
- minimum 4 participating families recommended.
- requires 3 types of Highest Quality Gems and Moon Stone.
- requires completion of 'Al Queltz Moreza - Holy Water Chamber' quest.
- mission can only be performed once per day.
(mission cannot be performed on the same day as Chateau de Bourgogne raid.)

2. Added 'View Equipments' feature to barracks mode. This enables viewing of items equipped on characters.
- the 'View Equipments' option is available from the character left-click menu.
- enhancement, enchantment, and socket information are displayed.
- durations for temporary equipments are not displayed. (Durations are only visible after changing maps.)

3. Added 'Go to Location' feature to barracks mode.
- by selecting 'Go to Location' from the left-click menu, you can move the selected character to a new position.
- moving to an empty spot is not possible.

4. Added 'Team List' feature.

5. Added 'Mail Box' feature.
- reduced fees for service.
- fixed an issue causing items to disappear when moved to inventory.

6. Added event items to Cybercafe Rooms.
- added 'Strengtening Sword' event item to cybercafe dungeons (Hidden Ancient Nest of Skeleton, Hidden Bahamar Underground) drop list.
- compensation not applicable for Silver Server.

7. Changed available stance list when both Knuckles and Gaiters are equipped, granting access to all martial arts stances known by the character.

8. Enabled Heavy Armour for Nar.

9. Changed Scharfenberger and Rafflesia raid missions waiting time to 30 minutes.

10. Added Key Forger NPC.
- Keys to Sea Cave of Revenant and Holy Creature's Room mission can be made by NPC 'Atrubin' in Ustiur Base Camp.
- the production method remains the same as the current Key to Sea Cave of Revenant.
- Marcelino no longer produces the Key to Sea Cave of Revenant.

11. Glowing weapon effects from enhancement are now visible in barracks mode.

12. Changed stacking rules of Serenade's Rhythm of Spell-break and wizard's buffs.

13. Fixed an issue with family information not displayed properly in the Secret Guard window.

14. Fixed an issue causing unintended character movements when selecting and moving the game window.

15. Fixed an issue causing Refresh Mind cooldown image to sometimes not show.

16. Fixed an error with Sylph Wings and Fairy Wings collection with the Costume Recycle Box.

17. Fixed an issue preventing quest progression after returning to barracks during the Holy Creature's Room quest.

18. Fixed an error causing "MCC Tutorial" quest mail to appear.

19. Corrected wrong keyboard shortcut references in the Help window.

20. Corrected wrong keyboard shortcut references in the Keyboard Shortcut loadscreen.



2. This allows viewing of all items equipped on a character right within barracks mode. No more relogging a hundred times just to find the missing item accidentally equipped on the most unlikely character. :o

3. Probably the one feature everyone has been asking for. This new function allows players to swap locations of any two characters, even across different barracks screens. And the best part - it's free.

7. This is a basic change of equipment rule. It works a little like the Warlock's dual-bracelet rule. E.g. when a warlock has two ice bracelets on, and he switches to Domination or Evocation Ice, the game automatically factors in both bracelet for damage calculation, but when he switches back to Possession Ice, the game automatically drops the offhand bracelet and considers only the main bracelet. In the case of martial artists, when both knuckles and gaiters are equipped, all stances known to them immediately become available. However, the stats on the gaiters are only taken into consideration when in Master's Martial Arts stance. The gaiters does not seem to have any effect after switching back to any of the original "Five Books" Martial Arts stances. (This has an interesting side effect of forcing Book of Wind to use the stats on the main-hand knuckles. It's currently unclear if this side effect is intentional or bug.) In any case, this basic change essentially increases tactical options and enables endless chains of Atomics and MMA finishers. You can fill in the possibilities with your imagination. :)

10. The given name for this NPC in korean is 에토르벤, phonetically E-To-Reu-Ben. Not sure what this is supposed to be in english. I'm calling him "Atrubin" for now.