Quest - Father's Trail

Father's Trail
Objective : unlock Emilia's constellation stance book shop
Prerequisite : Emilia/Emilia the Sage (any level), talked to Queen Hamaan using Emilia/Emilia the Sage*

* If you have not already done so, talk to Queen Hamaan directly using Emilia/Emilia the Sage. There is no quest trigger for this. This particular conversation is required for several other story and quest developments, including this quest.

  1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. With Emilia as team leader, go to Errac (Zeia) and talk to Queen Hamaan.
  3. Talk to Nar.
  4. Go into Occulta Dungeon and hunt Kobold Elders for the required "Dr. Lorenzo's Diary 1517" quest item. It is a semi-common quest drop. (Entrance to Occulta Dungeon is free from v5.0.24 onwards. For older versions, several Ancient Rune - Ti or Ancient Rune - Te are required. (Ti for entrance from Land of Day, Te for entrance from Land of Night, 5 runes for pre-v4.5, 3 runes for pre v5.0.24.))
  5. Talk to Nar.
  6. With Emilia as team leader still, go to City of Auch and talk to Gertrude Peterson (Jean-Pierre Gascon).
  7. Go to Port of Coimbra and talk to Emilia using any character other than Emilia. The following stances will be available from Emilia at the cost of Growth Stone x6 and corresponding constellation Symbol x1 henceforth:-

There are several versions of Flintlock, Equites, and Enhanced Tactics stancebooks, so take extra care to choose the correct versions for the characters you plan to use the stancebooks on when exchanging with Emilia. (The skill sets are the same regardless of stances.)

Master's Martial Arts is part of the constellation stance series, but it is available from Gertrude Peterson, instead of Emilia, after v3.5.13.

Darkness is available after v3.5.22.
Magic of Occultism and Occultism Assistance are available after v4.0.17.
Madness is available after v4.0.21.
Enhanced Tactics is available after v4.0.33.
Demolition Burst and Tested Burst are available after v4.2.0.

Prelude is part of the constellation stance series, but it is available from Vicente Rio, instead of Emilia, after v4.2.6.

Superior Blaster and Duel Blaster are available after v4.3.5.
Crusader and Death Chopping are available after v4.5.0.
Bloody Feast and Tronada Cruz are available after v4.7.0.
Peltast and Shadow Sting are available after v5.0.10.