Silver Server - 4.0.9

July 27, 2009
2200 ~ 2240

[Granado Espada 4.0.9]

1. Increased drop rate for cybercafe event item 'Reinforce Event Sword'.

2. Adjusted to send troubleshooting information after client encounters errors.
- Message is created when client encounters errors.
- Error file containing information on server, family, and game screen are collected solely for the purpose of resolving issues and without disadvantage to the user.

3. Modified behavior of inventory panels when exiting Leonardo's warehouse screen such that they close upon exit as well.

4. Changed character display to inactive when the game window is inactive.

5. Corrected issues with monster behaviour in 'Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Water Chamber' mission.

6. Modified 'Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Water Chamber' mission.
- Changed the first gateway's effects after all nine positions are marked.
- Fixed an issue with second gateway's Dilos Latemn summoned before clicking on the monument.
- Fixed HP recovery issues of Ortega and Jurgen.

7. Fixed an intermittent issue with Coco Pet Box sometimes not awarded after the Tutorial.

8. Fixed an issue with Golden Spider spinelles kill-count not registering with Golden Spider hunt mission.

9. Fixed an intermittent issue with 'View Items' sometimes not displaying item options properly in Barracks mode.

10. Fixed an issue with Town Return Scrolls not consumed when activated with the Market Manager screen opened.

11. Fixed a display issue with icons of usable skills in town.

12. Fixed a display issue with Apocalypse skill icon during cooldown.

13. Corrected tooltip for Coco Pet Box.