Quest - Reckless Emilia

Objective : Reckless Emilia Character Card
Prerequisite : completed Master's Martial Arts constellation stance quest, Gertrude Peterson (Jean-Pierre Gascon) (any level)

  1. Go to any major town with Gertrude in MCC team to trigger the quest mail automatically.
  2. With Gertrude in MCC team, go to C8 of Port of Coimbra to enter Emilia's Research Center to start an instanced mission.
  3. The mission is 15 minutes long, including approximately 1 to 2 minutes of NPC drama at the beginning. (There are more dialogues at the end, but the timer will stop for those.) Within the mission:-
    1. Defeat Reckless Emilia within the time limit. Reckless Emilia has the following stats:-
      Reckless Emilia (lvl135)
      human / soft / none / medium
      hp: 2,944,080
      AR / ATK: 69 / 7370
      DR / DEF: 69 / 177
      RES: 50 all
    2. With Gertrude as leader, talk to Emilia. (The timer will stop for these fullscreens dialogues, so take your time to read.)
    3. Talk to Emilia again to receive Reckless Emilia Character Card.



This is one of the most satisfying quest to complete in Granado Espada ever, especially when taking into account all the grind required to fulfil the prerequisites. It's almost as exciting as getting a Viscount Ring to drop for Grandice.

If you do manage to win, then congratulations on getting one of the most powerful characters available. Reckless Emilia has both the ability to buff and debuff (like the Wizard) as well as the ability for crowd control (better and faster than the Warlock). If you like magic characters and if you like Levitation, you will like Reckless Emilia on Madness even more. Skills from the Madness stance are pretty much in-character for her: it's all-out rampage.

I supposed this is where I should talk about strategy for defeating her in the mission. This is based on my experience, YMMV.

Reckless Emilia's normal attacks are long range with massive splash and knockback. She also casts Third Element occasionally, sometimes multiple times in a row even, which is instant-cast with massive damage. She is rather fast. Your characters will die if they get knocked down while she continues to splash at them.

Invisible Potions do not work. Do not bother trying.

At the beginning, quickly spread out your characters into a triangle across the entire room. This is to prevent all of your characters from getting caught in her Third Element and normal attack splash. The room is identical in size and design as Simon's Villa de Libertad. Reckless Emilia will remain in the center of the room throughout the mission and she will be able to hit you no matter where you run or hide.

Gertrude will die if he is low level, in which case it is up to your other two characters to provide all the DPS.

The mission is easy with either Soho or Human bane weapons, but those are not necessary to win. You should be able to drain all her hitpoints within 10 minutes if you can get at least 67AR will all buffs on. (E.g. +6 Trumps, with Steroid, Triumph Filler, +human/AR wings, and with additional character buffs like Concentration, Elemental Penetration, Flare, Hound, etc.) Any AR lower and you can expect to miss a lot, and you probably won't be able to drain all her hitpoints within the time limit then.

Your DR should be at least 60~64 depending on character. It's fine as long as your characters do not die within 2 or 3 hits.

Reckless Emilia tends to target the character using the most skills or hitting the fastest. With proper control of her aggro, you can concentrate on keeping just one character alive while the other one or two DPS away in safety. If you lose control of her targetting, prepare for a flurry of Soul Crystal and Health Fillers spamming before you get your formation back up again.

In the absence of Principal, the cat pet Sith is a nice alternative to have for this mission with its Intensify + Fortify + Divine Bless combo. Progressive Health Fillers are extremely useful in keeping knocked down characters alive as well.

Good characters to use for this mission include (but are not limited to) characters with Flintlock, Outrage, Occultism Assistance, Equites, Arnis, and Rapiere. (And of course Gertrude with Master's Martial Arts if you can get that.) Avoid using more than one melee attackers though, otherwise they will all fall within Reckless Emilia's splash area, and you will have to divide your attention to keep even more characters alive.

So that's all to it. Just maintain your formation and keep it steady, and Reckless Emilia will join your ranks in no time.