Silver Server - 4.0.23

August 24, 2009
2355 ~ 0035
extended to 0115

[Granado Espada 4.0.23]

1. Increased [Flintlock] stance chance to resist debuffed from 10% to 20%.

2. Changed the following skills from [Flintlock].

Shootdown Shotincrease damage to Soft/Light armour
Swift Shotcooldown 6s
Check Targetconsumes Ancient Star Orb x10

3. Changed the following skills from [Madness].

Safe Guardconsumes Ancient Star Orb x20
cooldown 180s
Ele Invisiblecooldown 300s
lvl10 15s duration
when in invisible state: mSP -20%
AR -2, ATK -20%, penetration -20, elemental ATK -20
depletes HP continuously
Gabi Earthquaketarget 6 enemies
lvl10 ATK 1142%
60% chance to [Stun]
Third Elementlvl10 ATK 1147%
Spell Beadconsumes Ancient Star Orb x20
cooldown 90s
consumes SP 1140
target 15 enemies
lvl10 ATK 1846%
60% chance to inflict [Dark Bleed]
[Dark Bleed] HP depletion rate reduced
Spell Hailconsumes Ancient Star Orb x15
cooldown 70s
consumes SP 1040
targets 12 enemies
lvl10 ATK 1508%
60% chance to inflict [Hail Break]

4. Fixed an issue with [Madness] 'Gabi Earthquake' skill Stun effect.

5. Fixed some issues with certain debuffs from [Darkness] not applying properly.

6. Changed tool merchants in Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and Auch to sell all kinds of recovery potions.

7. Changed the 'Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Water Chamber' mission entry limit to existing restrictions.

8. Fixed Einschwer's respawn time.

9. Fixed an intermittent issue with the client shutting down when attempting to change face with the Face Changer.

10. Fixed an issue with lingering screen artifacts after input of item quantities.

11. Removed entrance time descriptions from El Antigua de Patrimonio NPC.

12. Fixed some animation issues with Reckless Emilia.

13. Fixed various typos.