Silver Server - 4.0.33

September 22, 2009
2105 ~ 2125

[Granado Espada 4.0.33]

1. Added Scouts constellation stance [Enhanced Tactics].
- the new constellation stance can be learned by Scout, Soho, Soho the Wind, Viki, and Emilia after mastering the [Tactical Assistance] stance.
- the [Enhanced Tactics] stancebook can be purchased from the NPC Emilia after completion of the constellation stance quest.
- [Enhanced Tactics] can be accessed while using the new Scout weapon.
- for the Test Server, the [Enhanced Tactics] stancebook can be purchased from the Volunteer NPC in the master room in all major towns.

2. Added Scout-only Rosario weapon.
- when equipped, the Rosario improves the healing amount of all Healing skills.
- Damaged Ancient Rosario and Silver Rosario items have been added.
- Silver Rosario item can be crafted from Los Toldos recipe.

3. Added stances for the character Emilia.
- Fortitudo, Tactical Assistance, and Enhanced Tactics have been added.
- the stances can be accessed by equipping the Rosario.
- stances are not added for Emilia the Sage and Reckless Emilia.

4. Added Symbol of Scorpio to the 'Mysterious Treasure Box' option of the Premium Treasure Service.

5. Added rings for the new skills and stance to Ring Box.



1. See here for rough translations of the skills and effects. I'll put up the full page later once the testing phase is over.) See here for skills and effects.

Enhanced Tactics buffs stack/cancel Fortitudo and Tactical Assistance buffs in a few ways. These are still in testing phase, but for now, the stacking rules are as follows.

stacks with Enhancement
stacks with Meditation, Consolidation, Prompt Action, Divine Bless
cancels Intensify, Fortify, Acceleration

Melee/Magic/Shooting Enhancement
stacks with Principal
cancels other Enhancements
stacks with Intensify, Fortify, Acceleration, Meditation, Divine Bless
cancels Consolidation, Prompt Action

Basically, with Enhanced Tactics buffs, the only other buffs required from the other two stances are Meditation and Divine Bless.

2. The Rosario grants access to First Aid (where applicable), Fortitudo, Tactical Assistance, and Enhanced Tactics when equipped. It also adds a decent amount of DEF and healing. It can be enchanted with +DEF, +SP, +DR, +RES, and possibly other options. (The Damaged Ancient Rosario has fixed DEF and SP options only.)

3. Emilia is now a full time support character with both Wizard and Scout buffs. This actually makes the normal Emilia an even better support character than the stock Scout. o_O These changes are not applicable to Emilia the Sage and Reckless Emilia though, just the normal Emilia.