Silver Server - 4.3.8

December 11, 2009
1435 ~ 1455

[Granado Espada 4.3.8]

1. Improved GE Premium Cybercafe buff.
- existing premium buff of '150% character level experience, 120% stance level experience percent level, 120% drop rate improvement' has been raised to '200% character level experience, 130% stance level experience, 130% drop rate improvement'.
- the Chateau de Borgogne, Arsene's Secret Vault missions can be performed extra 1 time per day in Premium Cybercafes.
- the Chateau de Borgogne, Arsene's Secret Vault missions can be performed 1 time per day as usual outside of Premium Cybercafes.

2. Added Pioneer Faction.
- upon moving to the Office of Pioneer Support after completion of tutorial, new Pioneer families will sign up for the Pioneer Faction automatically.
- up to 5 deputies and 1000 members is possible.
- withdrawal from Pioneer Faction does not incur the 7-day no-faction penalty.
- family will automatically withdraw upon reaching family level 15.
- non-faction members can see the faction roster by using the /개척당 command.
- faction members' current [Family Level] and [Channel/Location] can be viewed from the tabs.
- Pioneer Faction cannot declare war.

3. Changed faction list for Normal Faction and Pioneer Faction to display family level.

4. Added Christmas event.
- the Snowman monster appearing in the fields has a chance to drop the Snowman's Determination.
- the Christmas Wrapper NPC in the major towns will wrap 50 Snowman's Determination and 50 of each of the Pure Ores.
- win by matching the Granado Espada related sentences provided by the NPC in record time.
- reward will be determined by the number of successful entries out of 3 rounds.
- Snowman's Determination will be deleted in the future.

5. Added Santa Grabber Pet.
- has the same function as the Grabber pet.
- drops from the Christmas Gift Box rewarded during the Christmas event period.

6. Updated Rudolph Pet to drop Christmas Gift Box during Christmas event period.

7. Changed Barracks BGM for Christmas event period.

8. Added Full Metal Shell Bullet Box, Pet Box (Santa Grabber), Pet Box (Rudolph) to the Feso Shop.

9. Added rings for the new stances/skills to the Ring Box.

10. Removed colony report from the faction chat.

11. Increased [Duel Blaster] stance movement speed by 5%.

12. Changed some skills from [Demolition Burst] and [Tested Burst] stances.

Demolition Burst
Tested Burst
20% increase in melee damage received
20% decrease in magic damage received
20% decrease in chance to get debuffed
20% increase in melee damage received
20% decrease in magic damage received
Fallen Angellvl10: ATK 1093%
lvl11: ATK 1148%
lvl10: ATK 996%
lvl11: ATK 1045%
Blazing Bursterlvl10: ATK 1245%
lvl11: ATK 1308%

15s duration [Heat Wave]
lvl10: ATK 1143%
lvl11: ATK 1189%

12s duration [Heat Wave]

13. Changed some skills from [Sect of Moonlight] stance.

Asuramaximum 6.5m range
5m radius / 6 targets
maximum 7m range
4m radius / 5 targets

14. Changed some skills from [Master's Martial Arts] stance.
- fixed an issue with Elemental Kick skill causing the character to retreat when using the skill.

Ferocious Heart lvl11: +10% elemental damage
Elemental Kicktargets 3 adjacent characterstargets 5 adjacent characters
Dragon Punchtargets 3 adjacent characters

lvl10: ATK 1787%
lvl11: ATK 1876%
targets 2 adjacent characters

lvl10: ATK 2144%
lvl11: ATK 2252%

15. Changed some skills from [Madness] stance.

Safe Guard10s duration

lvl11: +1 AR
15s duration

deleted lvl11: +1 AR
Spell Beadmaximum range 10mmaximum range 12m
Spell Hailmaximum range 8mmaximum range 10m

16. Changed Detection, Escape Artist skill to be able to detect Ele Invisible.

17. Changed the tooltip of the Detection skill.

Detectionlvl1 ~ 5: removes [Invisible] status

lvl6 ~ 7: removes [Invisible] and [Silent Move] statuses

lvl8 ~ 9: removes [Invisible], [Silent Move], and [Camouflage] statuses

lvl10: removes [Invisible], [Silent Move], [Camouflage], and [Ele Invisible] statuses

18. Changed [Semilunar] stance's Occult Science skill to display skill range when in use.

19. Fixed an issue with the casting speed reduction effect from Warlock's Elemental Penetration job skill not applying.



19. OMG. When was this added... I hate it when they do ninja edits. ~_~

The skill now has 5% casting speed reduction at lvl10 and 5.5% casting speed reduction at lvl11.

This leaves Hellena even more undesirable.