Silver Server - 4.3.9

December 14, 2009
2015 ~ 2035

[Granado Espada 4.3.9]

1. Added Symbol of Virgo to Celestial Treasure Box and Premium Treasure Service Mystery Option.

2. Removed Asoka's stance and skill rings from Ring Box.

3. Removed Asoka's exclusive stance from sales list.

4. Reduced Snowman monster's Snowman's Determination item drop rate.

5. Changed Pioneer Faction's name to GE Pioneer Faction.

6. Changed ownership for the Christmas Box (2009) dropped by the Santa Grabber.

7. Changed Christmas Event Wrapper's challenge dialogue.

8. Changed the floating text for Pioneer Faction's attempt on Declaration of War.

9. Fixed an issue that occurs when viewing own faction list after viewing other faction's profile, the displayed faction leader is that of the other faction's.

10. Fixed an issue with monsters not functioning properly in some missions.

11. Fixed an issue with Gerrero not spawning in El Antigua de Patrimonio.

12. Fixed an issue with Nar's blocking rate while in [Semilunar] stance.

13. Fixed various typos.