Silver Server - 4.4.4

January 7, 2010
2045 ~ 2105

[Granado Espada 4.4.4]

1. Added Stance Ring Production and Advanced Stance Rings features.
- Stance Ring can be produced via the Auch Precious Metal Merchant NPC.
- Stance Ring production requires rings of all skills of the stance as well as other raw materials.
- information on the required materials for any Stance Ring can be found on the Precious Metal Merchant's [Stance Ring Production Request] menu.
- Advanced Stance Ring be exchanged by dragging the stance ring into the Upgrade Smelting Pot along with other raw materials.
- Ring Crystals can be obtained by placing Stance Rings into the Accessory Anvil.
- a portion of Ring Crystals and cash items can be recovered by placing Advanced Stance Rings into the Accessory Anvil.

2. Changed Symbol of Ancient Brave Warrior to be tradable and discardable.

3. Added Mute features.
- options to disable BGM/Sound Effects/Character Voice can be accessed from the Sound tab of Game Options (Alt+O).

4. Changed UI Hide Mode (Alt+F) to be disabled when Bot Report window appears.

5. Changed Server Bulletin to allow mouse menu access of Whisper and Profile View functions.

6. Changed mouse right-click menu to show/hide appropriate accessible functions when right-clicking on other families' characters.
- e.g. when not in Group Chat, the 'Invite to Group Chat' entry will not be visible.

7. Ended Asoka's card sales.
- [Sect of Moonlight] stance book still available.

8. Fixed an issue with abnormal stat increase/decrease when using stat-augmenting equipments.

9. Fixed various typos.



1. Looks like stance rings for all stances, including veteran and expert stances, can be produced. (Obviously I didn't bother searching for every single stance.) The crafting cost varies according to the stance and level.

For example, an Arnis Stance Ring requires:-
- Lado Patada Ring x1
- Aesinato Ring x1
- Intoxication Ring x1
- Assalto Ring x1
- Rapida Attaque Ring x1
- Black Oxide x30
- Elemental Jewel x6
- Symbol of Ancient Brave Warrior x30

Stance Rings for lower level stances require the relevant skill rings and the same type but lower amount of the additional materials. What's amazing is that no cash shop items and no rare recipe farming are required. Although bear in mind this is in beta, so material costs may change in the future. In any case, it's a good idea to start collecting skill rings of the stances you want from now on.

The Advanced Stance Rings are chippable stance rings. As with Stance Ring crafting, the upgrading costs for Advanced Stance Rings varies according to level.

For example, an Advanced Low Guard Ring requires:-
- Low Guard Ring x1
- Ring Crystal x4
- Magic Stone x100
- Soul Crystal x20

Higher level rings require Triumph Fillers instead instead of Soul Crystals. Lower level rings require Mystery Powders instead of Soul Crystals. (Again, I didn't check for every single stance.) The amount of Ring Crystals and Magic Stones required also vary according to ring level. Once upgraded, the Advanced Stance Rings can be chipped with +HP, +SP, specific damage type reduction, and +stat options. Expert stance rings require Veteran Chips, veteran stance rings require lvl100 Chips, and the rest of the lower level rings seem to require lvl96 Chips throughout.

Symbol of Ancient Brave Warrior can be obtained from the repeatable Rhodolite farming quest in Errac. Magic Stone can be purchased from the Auch Alchemist NPC.