Mission - Federigo

Federigo is located at I9 of City of Auch. Talk to Federigo to exchange for items required for the instanced missions and proceed to the relevant locations to start the missions.

Each Federigo mission requires two items to initiate: a Summon item to open the mission lobby portal, and a Key item for every family joining the mission. In total, for every instanced mission generated, 1 Summon item and as many Key items as there are participating families are consumed.

All Summon and Key items are unique to Federigo's missions and are not to be confused with other items bearing similar names. Materials required by Federigo for production of Summon and Key items are listed in parentheses.

On top of the usual loot dropped by the bosses, a Treasure Chest will appear at the end of each mission which will drop a couple of Mega Talt or Constellation Symbol Box (which in turn drops a random 1 of the 12 types of Constellation Symbol when opened).

Cooldowns are minimum wait-time required before the same mission can be performed again. Cooldowns are reintialized on the 1st of each month, so it is occasionally possible to restart some missions sooner than usual.



Boss: Schaffenberger (lvl114 Human)
Location: Tombstone at I4 of Porto Bello Desolated Cliff
Cooldown: 1 day

Summon: Platinum Hammer (Silver Hammer x1, Platinum Bar x1)
Key: Key to Schaffenberger Lobby (Family Reputation x300, Pure Talt x500)

Silver Hammer item obtainable from Bell Boy rare spawn in Porto Bello Desolated Cliff.



Boss: Queen Eater Wings (lvl110 Insect), Queen Eater Torso (lvl112 Insect), Queen Eater Egg (lvl122 Insect)
Location: Flower inside Rafflesia, accessible from G6 of Ustiur Zona Uno
Cooldown: 1 day

Summon: Seed of Rafflesia (Yellow Rafflesia Leaf x1, Red Rafflesia Leaf x1, Green Rafflesia Leaf x1, Gold Bar x10)
Key: Key to Rafflesia Lobby (Family Reputation x300, Pure Talt x100, Pure Ionium x500)

Rafflesia Leaf items obtainable from normal mobs in Zona Uno.


Lava Leaf

Boss: Lava Leaf (lvl120 Lifeless)
Location: Portal at D5 of Topolo Durga
Cooldown: 3 days

Summon: Fire Crystal (Fire Orb x1, Fire Stone x10, Gold Bar x5)
Key: Key to Lava Leaf Lobby (Family Reputation x300, Pure Talt x100, Pure Ionium x100, Pure Quartz x500)

Additional 10 Fire Orbs required for activation of tower mechanisms in mission. Final tower activated will be targettable by enemy monsters. If left unattended, they will reduce the tower's HP to 0 in about 2 minutes, which will deactivate all towers and unsummon Lava Leaf.

Fire Orb item normally obtainable by completing Journal 10 quest from Toubkal Mine Investigator. Fire Stone item available from Auch Alchemist NPC.



Boss: Uraeus (lvl120 Wildbeast)
Location: Portal at J8 of Peril-side Bahamar Underground Cave
Cooldown: 5 days

Summon: Uraeus Scale (Scale Piece x2, Solvent x100, Emerald x5, Platinum Bar x1)
Key: Key to Uraeus Lobby (Family Reputation x300, Pure Ionium x100, Pure Quartz x100, Pure Aidanium x250, Pure Etretanium x250)

Repeat process three more times to kill Uraeus for good.
--> Scale Piece item obtainable from Igorni NPC in Bahamar Base Camp at the cost of 2 Level 9 Pioneer Seals each. Level 9 Pioneer Seal item obtainable from Swamp Spider hunt from Pioneer Memorial in Bahamar Marshland.



Boss: Griffon (lvl124 Wildbeast)
Location: Warning Sign at D6 of Vegas Javier
Cooldown: 7 days

Summon: Griffon's Tear (Griffon Egg Shell x6, Royal Ruby x2, Royal Sapphire x2, Royal Emerald x2)
Key: Key to Griffon Lobby (Family Reputation x300, Pure Ionium x300, Pure Quartz x300, Pure Aidanium x300, Pure Etretanium x300)

Griffon Egg Shell item obtainable from Broken Griffon Egg object that appears regularly at random locations in Vegas Javier.