Mission - Castilla Mine

The Castilla Mine is a special raid with several bosses situated at regular intervals. The mission starts with 30 minutes base time, and every boss defeated will add additional 15 minutes to mission time as well as grant access to deeper sections of the mine.

In addition to the base raid as well as the main Castilla Episode 1 quest-line, there are two additional sets of activities to be done within the Mine.

The first involves the NPC Luciano's list of repeatable boss and normal mob hunt missions, which rewards 500 points of Family Reputation for every 5 boss-kills and 100 points for every 30 mob-kills.

The second involves the NPC Billy's mining requests.

Most of the crystal clusters inside the Mine are decorative and non-interactive, but a few of them are actually clickable. The mouse icon will change to the Talk icon on mouseover if a particular crystal cluster is clickable. There many fixed locations where these clickable crystals can spawn, and the game randomly chooses a few for every Castilla Mine instance generated.

The mining action requires the Pickaxe item purchaseable from Billy. To mine, simply click on a clickable crystal, select the type of Pickaxe to use, and pick up the ores that are dropped onto the ground.



Castilla Mine


  1. Iron Ararat of Chaos (lvl100)
    lifeless / heavy / none / large
    hp: 1,531,200
    AR / ATK: 54 / 9884
    DR / DEF: 54 / 192
    RES: Fire 50, Ice 75, Lightning 79, Mental 72
  2. Phobitan General of Chaos (lvl103)
    daemon / heavy / none / medium
    hp: 2,407,218
    AR / ATK: 55 / 10371
    DR / DEF: 55 / 202
    RES: Fire 74, Ice 71, Lightning 72, Mental 73
  3. Basilisk of Chaos (105)
    dinosaur / heavy / none / large
    hp: 4,964,894
    AR / ATK: 56 / 10894
    DR / DEF: 56 / 212
    RES: Fire 77, Ice 74, Lightning 75, Mental 74
  4. Chrysalist of Chaos (lvl110)
    daemon / heavy / none / large
    hp: 3,568,320
    AR / ATK: 59 / 11257
    DR / DEF: 59 / 227
    RES: Fire 76, Ice 74, Lightning 75, Mental 75
  5. Chimera of Chaos (lvl112)
    lifeless / medium / none / large
    hp: 5,512,135
    AR / ATK: 60 / 11740
    DR / DEF: 60 / 231
    RES: All 76
  6. Argus of Chaos (lvl115)
    lifeless / heavy / none / large
    hp: 5,756,625
    AR / ATK: 61 / 12092
    DR / DEF: 61 / 236
    RES: Fire 77, Ice 75, Lightning 79, Mental 77
  7. Skull of Chaos (lvl117)
    undead / soft / none / medium
    hp: 6,910,143
    AR / ATK: 62 / 21740
    DR / DEF: 62 / 232
    RES: Fire 78, Ice 81, Lightning 78, Mental 78
  8. Dekaravia of Chaos (lvl120)
    undead / soft / none / large
    hp: 7,207,200
    AR / ATK: 64 / 23734
    DR / DEF: 64 / 231
    RES: Fire 81, Ice 85, Lightning 85, Mental 80
  1. Blink Dog of Chaos (lvl107)
    wildbeast / light / ice / small
    hp: 1,578,545
    AR / ATK: 56 / 23063
    DR / DEF: 56 / 196
    RES: Fire 64, Ice 64, Lightning 72, Mental 76
  2. Golden Spider of Chaos (lvl111)
    insect / light / none / medium
    hp: 1,855,082
    AR / ATK: 58 / 27315
    DR / DEF: 58 / 209
    RES: Fire 81, Ice 81, Lightning 90, Mental 88

Location: H3 of Castilla First Garrison
Cooldown: 1 day

Entry Cost: free once per day; subsequent entries on the same day requires an increasing number of Relic of Ancient items.

The Relic of Ancient item can be assembled from the Relic of Ancient Piece items dropped by mobs inside Castilla Mine. Each Relic of Ancient requires 3 Relic of Ancient Pieces and 3,000 Feso for assembly.



The enemies in the mission have low AR, but their ATK values are very high, and they don't miss all that often against high DR anyway (even Ararat can hit targets with 70DR), so the first few bosses will be quite irritating with their status attacks and the last few bosses will really hurt a lot with their skills. The best counter is to have a good set of racial weapons and a good mix of disabler (Stun, Freeze, etc) skills and weapons.

I'll just describe the bosses briefly:-

  1. Ararat: Uses Fear and Drill skills. Summons mini Ararats which use the same skills.
  2. Phobitan: Uses Atomic Crazy Rush and Dragon Kick skills. Summons various types of Phobitans.
  3. Basilisk: Uses mental breath and laser attacks. Increases ATK and DEF dramatically when near death (the ATK bonus makes its attacks very likely to 1hko its target). Initial area fills with Celemantises and Imagos with Poison breath attacks over time.
  4. Blink Dog: Uses Fear and Bite attacks. Initial area starts with many Demonisches with Sleep attacks.
  5. Chrysalist: Sits in a pit about 4m away from nearest land, so it can only be hit by distance attacks, like Uraeus but nearer. Casts massive AOE attack which can 1hko ground characters with low-to-mid 60's DR (harmless for better equipped or flying characters). Initial area starts with several Fanatics with Fear attacks.
  6. Golden Spider: Uses Knockback attacks. Initial area starts with several other types of Spiders with Web, Poison, and Knockback attacks.
  7. Chimera: Uses various elemental skills and attacks. Summons Dreamblades. Initial area fills with Artic Dracane with lightning range attacks over time.
  8. Argus: Uses usual mental skills and attacks. Increases ATK periodically. Initial area starts with several Rocks and fills with eggs which will hatch into Bribantras over time.
  9. Skull: Uses various elemental skills (same as the one in Secret Temple). Initial area starts with several melee Skeletons.
  10. Dekaravia: Uses various elemental skills. Casts Curse debuff (increase damage received). Casts Ancient Chaos debuff (affected characters randomly attack friends and foes, and also become targettable by friendly fire; effect lasts 10+ seconds). Permanently increases its own DR by 1 occasionally (this is stackable, and if taken too long to defeat, it can make its own DR go all the way up to 75+++, which pretty much makes it impossible to kill without super weapons at that point). Initial area starts with several melee Skeletons and fills with more range Skeletons over time.

Basilisk, Argus, and Dekaravia will each drop a Roulette Chest upon defeat, which rewards all families within the mission 2 random items each. The items are drawn from a huge list that includes 26AR/DR equipments, 30AR weapons, 27DR armours, coloured ores, recipes (Dragon Heart, ultimate gems, accessories, etc), rings, and many others. These three also happen to be the most difficult bosses in the mission.

Chrysalist will drop nothing.

The rest of the main bosses will drop an assortment of Mega Ores (including Mega Quartz), Feso Stones, Relic pieces, and some other miscellaneous materials.

Blink Dog and Golden Spider will drop an assortment of Pure Ores and the occasional Relic pieces (just like all other normal mobs in the mission). They do not unlock any other boss and they do not increase mission time on death, so it's not necessary to kill them, although getting pass them without gaining their attention is a different matter altogether.