Silver Server - 5.0.1

June 10, 2010
1815 ~ 1835

[Granado Espada 5.0.1]

1. Fixed an issue with wrong ATK values being displayed in the Character Information Window when equipping some weapons.

2. Changed Main Menu's Shortcut (Alt+U) to be usable.

3. Fixed an issue with error messages appearing for Jaquin's premium dungeon Pioneer Memorial quests.

4. Fixed an issue with some items not appearing after using the Character Compendium and Dressing Room.

5. Fixed an abnormal issue preventing item enchantment on the Enchantment UI.

6. Fixed some UI abnormalities.

7. Fixed an issue with some level 96 weapons showing Dinosaur options.

8. Changed Feso Shop to be unusable from the main menu.

9. Added Test Server Volunteer NPC to all towns.

10. Added loading images.